OK? Trump supporters chant ‘count the votes’ and ‘stop the count’

Voting is a beautiful thing. It’s tremendous, it’ll be the biggest, most beautiful thing, you’ve ever seen.

The counting of votes in a handful of states, in regards to the presidential election, is still underway. We were told this would happen, that this would likely take several days before we got a confirmed winner.

President Trump and his supporters apparently didn’t get that memo. Or they discarded it without ever reading it, which is the most likely scenario.

Nevertheless, as Trump supporters have the entire time, they are parroting everything President Trump and his campaign says, even if it makes no sense.

In Arizona, Trump supporters stood outside and chanted “count the votes.”

But the MAGA and Trump-obsessed people in Michigan would like it if the counting of votes actually stopped completely.

So, in one state counting all the votes is a terrific, wonderful and tremendous idea to Trump supporters but in another it’s a totally awful, terrible thing?

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