Rubio on Trump supporters-Biden bus situation: We love what they did in Texas

At one point, Florida Sen. Marco Rubio was looked at as the future of the Republican party. He’s young, conservative and charismatic.

But the Florida Republican, like nearly every other elected Republican official, wholeheartedly embraced President Trump. He’s been completely and entirely silent on, well, nearly everything Trump has said and done the last four or five years.

During his 2016 campaign for president, Rubio was a frequent critic of Trump, calling out Trump for his many, many flaws, shortcomings and “ideas.” But just like every other politician, Rubio has become a cheerleader for the man he once called “dangerous” and a “con man.”

That’s called being a hypocrite and political expediency. It also appears that Rubio is also embracing Trump supporter tactics now as well.

Over the weekend, videos made the rounds on social media of Trump supporters surrounding a Biden campaign bus on the interstate. Feeling unsafe, the campaign cancelled a Texas stop. Now, authorities are investigating the situation.

As Rubio continues his descent into Trump mania, it appears this move from rabid Trump supporters has Rubio’s seal of approval.

It’s amazing how much Rubio has destroyed his credibility in such a short amount of time.

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