Bill Maher calls Democrats a ‘loser’ party

Talk show host Bill Mahr isn’t pleased with the Democrats or Ruth Bader Ginsburg.

Appearing on “Jimmy Kimmel Live”, the host of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, slams the party and RBG over the Supreme Court.

“Well, it’s not like her death was a shock,” he told Kimmel. “She was 100 and had cancer like a million times. She was a great justice but should have quit.”

He also called the Democrats “losers.”

“The Democratic plan for the Supreme Court was Ruth Bader Ginsburg doesn’t die,” he continued. “And that’s why they’re such a loser party. I vote for them but they don’t know how to do politics.”

Maher says Ginsburg should have retired when Obama was president.

“I mean, as great as she was in many ways, that really put us in a bad place because as I keep trying to say on my show, power begets power,” he said.

“When you lose power, you keep losing it,” he added. “That’s where we are now. Because we lose presidential elections, they appoint justices, now the Supreme Court is 6-to-3, that’s going to go on for a very long time.”

Unless a Biden administration packs the courts, that is.

One thought on “Bill Maher calls Democrats a ‘loser’ party”

  1. I agree. Now they want to pass an amendment to pack the Supreme Court, which will vastly upset the power between the three branches. Plus, the mechanism that the GOP has been using to appoint these justices was started by Harry Reid and the Democrats – using a simple majority instead of 60 votes to start the process on appointing judges. Hypocrites, and cry foul play when it doesn’t go their way while being sneaky themselves.

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