Ted Cruz: The GOP will eventually care again about the debt, deficit…at some point

Republicans under President Trump have twisted and turned so much in order to defend Trump that they’re beginning to resemble pretzels. A number of things Republicans previously believed in and thought right went completely out the window the second they pledged their undying allegiance to Trump.

But that’s always the problem when you follow a person, especially a self-interested egomaniac like Trump, instead of ideas and principles.

Before Trump came into office, Republicans were budget hawks and constantly yammered on and on about the massive spending under President Obama. All that spending was going to be the death of this country, the GOP told us.

What’s odd, though, is that President Trump is set to create more debt than Obama.

During Trump’s time in office, the national debt has increased by nearly $7 trillion.

And what have we heard on this issue from the supposed party of fiscal conservatism?

Absolutely nothing.

I believe they call that hypocrisy and in a recent interview with Axios, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at least admits that’s what they’ve been on this issue during the time of Trump.

As far as Cruz’s answer that Trump never campaigned on erasing the debt, that’s nothing but a straight-up lie.

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