Kanye West: 1,000 black babies aborted every day. We are in genocide

Kanye West is still running for president, I think?

West, who initially got a ton of attention when he said he was considering a run, then when he said he was running and then when he actually applied to get his name ballots on a number of states.

No matter if the “Jesus Walks” rapper is actually still running or not, he’s gotten plenty of attention for it.

Kim Kardashian’s husband, in addition to his music, is known for having a super massive ego and saying outrageous thing.

Well, one of West’s latest statements while on the Joe Rogan show is bound to upset some people, particularly Planned Parenthood and anyone else in favor of exterminating the unborn.

West said that every single day in America we’re losing 1,000 black child due to abortion, going on to call it “genocide.”

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