‘Borat’ actor Sacha Baron Cohen offers President Trump a job

The election is just eight days away and millions of people all across the country have already made their voices heard.

Of course the big race and the one garnering the most attention is the race for the White House between President Trump and Democrat Joe Biden. Depending on who you ask or what poll you confer and frankly, who you support, you’re likely to have a take about who will come out the victor Tuesday, Nov. 3.

One person who seems to believe President Trump will be defeated is actor Sacha Baron Cohen.

The “Borat” actor is apparently so confident in his prediction that he’s even offering to help President Trump out with a job after, when he believes, Trump’s time in the White House comes to an end.

It’s unclear if Trump will take Cohen up on his offer, I guess it’ll depend on the outcome of Tuesday’s election.

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