Key highlights from the second Presidential debate

The second and final 2020 Presidential debate took place last night at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee. NBC’s Kristen Welker moderated and mics were muted to keep the candidates from talking over each other. The format worked well and both President Trump and Vice President Joe Biden remained fairly civil, answering questions on COVID-19, immigration and race.

Biden had a more doom and gloom approach to the pandemic crisis, saying the United States is headed to a “dark winter” and expects cases to rise without a clear plan from the Trump administration.

President Trump alluded to a vaccine coming soon, possibly even within weeks and says even though medical experts say it will be 2021, his timeline is more accurate.

He also blamed China for bringing the virus to America.

Immigration was a hot topic, with quite a bit of time spent on the recent report that there are over 500 children who were separated from their parents at the border and now those parents can’t be found.

Biden also answered questions about how his immigration policies would differ from those of the Obama administration, who had record numbers of deportations.

Racial inequalities and systemic failures came near the end of the debate, with President Trump saying ”I did more more black people than any other president” and comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln.

“I’m the least racist person in this room,” Trump said.

Overall, a much better debate than last time. With so many people out early voting, it’s hard to say whether it will have an impact on the race. National polls currently have Vice President Joe Biden leading President Trump by nearly 10 points.

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