Trump on ‘Fox & Friends’ claims Biden wants to ‘take away your God’

President Donald Trump is like a wild animal backed into a corner. He’s swinging wildly, trying desperately to get out of his current predicament.

In the last few days, Trump has attacked the nation’s leading infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci, attacked Savannah Guthrie’s looks and now Trump says Joe Biden want to “take away your God.”

When the President of the United States wants to make such idiotic claims and assertions he heads over to Fox News, specifically Fox & Friends where he knows he won’t be interrupted, challenged or called out for his falsehoods.

On Tuesday, Trump, the man who feared a virtual debate last week, called into Fox & Friends to preach to the easily manipulated, fooled and the converted.

Anyone who dares to even think about calling out Trump for his incessant lies is a bad person, out of line or worse.

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