Radio host Tony Katz under fire for comments made about Joe Biden’s stutter on ‘Fox & Friends’

Tony Katz, a popular morning radio host in Indianapolis and syndicated midday host of “Tony Katz Today” is taking some heat after comments he made about the upcoming Presidential Debate on “Fox & Friends.”

When talking about muting mics, Katz said it was a “miserable idea” and that by muting the mics, all the audience will hear is stuttering from Joe Biden.

The bigger story here is that we are the ones that we don’t get to hear President Trump or Vice President Biden. They are going to hear each other. So now you have Vice President Biden with Donald Trump disagreeing with him or interrupting him possibly and all you will hear is a stuttering Vice Presidential Joe Biden. Haven’t we heard enough stuttering Vice President Joe Biden? Is this really the imagery the Democratic party wants to put out there? It’s a mistake on their part more than anything.

Social media exploded after the take, calling for Katz to apologize. The radio personality doubled down on his comments, saying he wasn’t making fun of the Vice President.

“Clearly, my star has grown. Coming after me for everything and anything…and making it up all the way. No one made fun of stutters. Obvious when you see the clip. Moving on,” he tweeted.

Besides calling for him to apologize, some Twitter users wished COVID on Katz, called him “white and fat” and labeled him a “shitbag.”

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