Pat Robertson says God told him Trump will be re-elected and it will lead to end times

At this time, when there are only a matter of days until the election, candidates are racing and hustling to get each and every vote. Knowing that candidates are only humans and half to sleep […]

Radio host Tony Katz under fire for comments made about Joe Biden’s stutter on ‘Fox & Friends’

Tony Katz, a popular morning radio host in Indianapolis and syndicated midday host of “Tony Katz Today” is taking some heat after comments he made about the upcoming Presidential Debate on “Fox & Friends.” When […]

Trump on ‘Fox & Friends’ claims Biden wants to ‘take away your God’

President Donald Trump is like a wild animal backed into a corner. He’s swinging wildly, trying desperately to get out of his current predicament. In the last few days, Trump has attacked the nation’s leading […]