Trump refers to leading infectious disease expert Dr. Fauci as an ‘idiot’,’disaster’

To win an election, it’s always a good idea to try and appeal to people who are already supporting your candidacy. Don’t get me wrong, making sure your people make it out to the polls and cast their ballot for you is important, for sure.

However, base supporters are not normally enough to win, to pull of an election. President Trump has a baseline of 30-35% of support but only getting a third of support from the electorate is never going to get it done.

Let’s try that out for a second, shall we? Ok, let’s says candidate A gets 35%, heck, let’s give that person 40%. Ok, imagine what happens when candidate B gets 60-65% of the vote? They win each and every time and it doesn’t matter how many times Russian hackers get involved, 60 will always beat 35 and 40.

Perhaps someone should share that simple fact with President Trump. The man, with his moronic, unhinged comments, is only appealing to Jim Bob, Sue Ellen, Earl Bobby and the rest of those who are already voting for him.

That’s why Trump calling out Dr. Fauci is so incredibly bewildering. On a campaign call, the President of the United States said people are tired of Fauci and “these idiots,” going on to call him a “disaster.”

This stupidity may get Trump cheers from his followers but this isn’t going to do much to help him win votes from the other 2/3rds of the electorate.

But I say let Trump be Trump. Here’s hoping that he keeps attacking Fauci for the next 15 days.

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