’43 Alumni for Biden’ release new ad in support of Democrat Joe Biden

Election Day is nearly upon us. Just two more weeks of being bombarded with negative ad after negative ad and only 14 more days of ugly, stupid campaign signs littering yards.

It’s almost over. We’re nearly there but before we cross the finish line. We still have to go to the polls and then sit back and watch the results roll on in.

While analysts all over the news channels provide their opinions as to how the election will ultimately turn out, anticipating what state will go for what candidate and what group of people will support Biden and which group will go for Trump.

As much guesstimating and number crunching there is going on with the election, it’s easy to say that a fair amount of Republicans will cross over and vote for Democrat Joe Biden this time around.

It’s going to happen. Trump supporters may not like it. They’ll likely refer to them as RINOs, Libtards, FAKE NEWS! or some other truly intelligent name that they’ll repeat after hearing it from President Trump.

One group of Republicans supporting Biden is 43 Alumni for Biden. They are a group of Republicans who worked for former President George W. Bush who say they’ll cross over and vote for Biden. They released an ad of the week perfectly summarizing why many Republicans simply can’t vote for the man in the White House.

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