Sen. Sasse: Trump is a ‘TV-obsessed narcissist,’ ‘kisses dictators’ butts,’ and ‘mocks evangelicals’

Republican Sen. Ben Sasse is not big on President Trump. He hasn’t been the entire time. He’s made this abundantly clear right from the outset of the Trump presidency.

This week, audio came out in which Sasse, while speaking to constituents ripped into Trump. He called out the president for his lackluster response to the COVID-19 crisis, his inability to take it seriously, mocking evangelicals behind closed doors, failing to do anything for the Uighurs in China and the way he and his family have treated the presidency.

The Nebraska senator also registered his disgust of Trump’s cozying up to dictators and called the former reality TV show a “TV-obsessed narcissist.”

Not surprisingly, Trump shot back on Twitter.

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