Rudy Giuliani’s daughter: Vote for Biden, please

President Donald Trump is running for re-election. Democrat Joe Biden is challenging the Republican for the presidency.

Election Day is less than three weeks away and millions of people have already taken advantage of early voting in order to make their voices heard. With the election so close, both Trump and Biden are traveling around the country as they fight for every last vote.

But Trump won’t and isn’t getting support from someone who has really close ties to the administration. Caroline Rose Giuliani, the daughter of Trump lawyer and sycophant Rudy Giuliani, isn’t too keen on President Trump.

She penned a note for Vanity Fair in which she urges people to vote for Democrat Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in order to “end this nightmare.”

She goes on to discuss her relationship with her father, documenting heated political discussions with the former New York City mayor, even as a child.

Another thing she says Biden will not surround himself with people who will not simply say “yes” to him and do and say whatever to please him.

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