South Dakota Gov. Noem says state’s COVID-19 increase is due to testing

Cases of coronavirus and hospitalizations due to the virus are up all across the country, once again.

Masks, social distancing, avoiding large groups and washing hands are all still suggested methods of keeping safe from the virus. Since the beginning of pandemic, many states implemented measures to keep people safe, whether that be closing bars/restaurants, limiting the amount of people in such places and mandating masks, governors took steps.

But the one holdout gubernatorial holdout to such measures was South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem. In fact, to show how much she absolutely refused to do any kind of such coronavirus avoidance measures, she posted a video showing how they do social distancing in South Dakota.

Well, now it appears that some social distancing and masking wearing in her state might have been a good idea after all.

The state has recently posted record numbers in just the last couple of days. On Wednesday, the state announced 872 cases and 772 on Friday. But wait a minute, Noem says the increase in cases is just because of……testing?

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