Sen. Ben Sasse asks Amy Barrett to name 5 freedoms in First Amendment; she struggled to come up with them

This week the Senate Judiciary Committee has been holding hearings, grilling Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett has sat for hours and hours as senators from both parties ask her questions about her family, past rulings, past writings and her personal history.

They’ve also tried to, mostly Democrats, pin her down on specific issues and topics. Of course, like any nominee seeking a federal courtship they evade and avoid directly answering such questions. Instead, they provide a vague and general statements about the need to be flexible and seeing the details of any case before issuing a ruling.

But one softball question from Republican Sen. Ben Sasse surprisingly appeared to trip her up. Sasse asked her to name the five freedoms guaranteed in the First Amendments.

President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee could only manage to name four of them: speech, religion, press and assembly.

I’m not saying the majority of Americans even know three of the rights in the First Amendment. Heck, most probably couldn’t even name two but they also aren’t vying for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court of the United States either.

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