Trump attacks Dr. Fauci on Twitter

President Donald Trump wants to be re-elected, right? At least that’s what he says and tells his unmasked, tightly-compacted and pandemic-denying followers.

However, with three weeks to go before Election Day, Trump isn’t acting like a guy who really wants to remain the leader of the free world. For example, winning an election is all about expanding your base of supporters, reaching out to more than those who will support you no matter what. And let’s face it, Trump’s followers would still vote for him even if he did go out and shoot someone on Fifth Avenue.

Trump doesn’t appear interested in branching out beyond his hardcore supporters and his latest move on Twitter isn’t going to help him win over moderates, moderate Republicans (RINO, in Trump supporter speak) and Democrats.

On Tuesday morning, Trump attacked Dr. Fauci, saying that “his pitching arm is far more accurate than his prognostications.”

We’re currently in the middle of a pandemic, where cases and deaths are beginning to rise, yet again and Trump is publicly attacking the leading infectious disease expert?

Not only that but when it comes to the pandemic, who are you going to believe, a guy who specializes in such things or a reality TV host with fake hair, a fake tan and who, at one time, ran a fake university?

When it comes to the COVID-19 pandemic, Fauci has credibility while Trump said it would simply go away when the weather warmed, refused to listen to the experts (and still does), praised China’s response to the virus and ended up in the hospital with coronavirus.

What a fool.

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