Pelosi to Wolf Blitzer: You’re always an apologist for Republican position

The election is exactly three weeks away. And with an election so close, politicians are doing everything they can to help themselves and their party.

Politicians – Republicans and Democrats- always say they are working for the American citizens, they want what is best for the country. Anyone with an IQ that indicates brain activity knows this to be a total and complete fabrication. Sure, they might go into office with great intentions but we all know what they say about good intentions.

Now the big fight in Washington is over the stimulus bill and the amount whether Republicans and Democrats can agree on a number. Of course, what this essentially comes down to is can President Donald Trump and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi arrive at a number the is acceptable for both parties.

On Tuesday, Pelosi appeared on CNN with Wolf Blitzer and she didn’t appreciate his line of questioning and eventually asked him why he and so many of his colleagues are apologists for the Republican position.

So much of politics is nothing more than a window dressing, public relations game. How can I make it appear that I’m doing something that I’m not and do I come off better than the other guy?

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