Fauci says Trump campaign using his words out of context is ‘really disappointing’

The election is a little more than three weeks away. Currently, many polls show Democrat Joe Biden leading President Trump, some even by double digits.

With early voting already underway in many, many states, it’s easy to think that COVID-19 and the pandemic is going to be a big issue for many, many voters. That’s the very same pandemic that Trump himself admitted to downplaying to journalist Bob Woodward, saying he understood how deadly and contagious while telling the public something else entirely.

Also, when it comes to polls, they find that the public believes Dr. Fauci much more so than Trump on the topic. Trump, as he’s shown time and time again, even with more than 210,000 dead Americans, is only concerned about his reelection effort.

With the Trump campaign knowing that Americans trust Fauci more than Trump, they are using Fauci’s credibility to try and help him win, even if they have to use Fauci’s words out of context.

I just do not understand what the Trump campaign believes they are gaining when they fight against a leading infectious disease expert during a pandemic.

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