Eric Trump tweets out photos of crowded, mask-less, indoor campaign event

On Saturday Night Live, Eric Trump is continual portrayed as a…well, as a moron, to put it lightly. And the more we see from President Trump’s son, the more it appears that SNL had it exactly right.

On Monday night, Eric Trump tweeted out photos of a crowded event in Wisconsin. The photos show people shoulder to shoulder, without masks and shaking hands. All three are things that medical professionals have advised against for months since the very beginning of the pandemic.

The pandemic has killed more than 210, 000 people in the United States alone. More than seven million people have come down with the infection. The deaths and infections in the U.S. are the highest in the world.

The kind of stupidity coming from Trump, his family and followers would be perfectly fine if it only affected them but as we know after months and months, that is not the case.

Not only is this kind of thing moronic as far as health is concerned but with the election a little more than three weeks away, campaigns have to sway those in the middle and independents. This isn’t likely to sway anyone in the middle, this is only for the converted. So, the question must be asked: what exactly are they doing?

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