Fox News’ Harlan Hill calls Kamala Harris an ‘insufferable, lying bitch’

Wednesday evening Vice President Mike Pence and Democratic VP candidate Kamala Harris squared off in their one and only debate.

Needless to say, it was substantially better than that full-on disaster that was the first debate between Trump and Biden. The American people were actually able to hear candidates talk without a certain President of the United States throwing out childish insults.

Now, while debates are a kind of tradition that occur every single presidential election cycle, the majority of the voting population have their minds made up well before the moderator asks the first question. And knowing that, one’s perception of who won or lost is usually greatly influenced by that fact.

If you’re a Biden supporter, you likely thought Kamala Harris won. If you’re backing the president, Pence came out on top in your eyes. With this also comes the need from some to denigrate the candidate challenging their preferred person in the race.

Harlan Hill, being a Fox News commentator and Trump supporter, of course didn’t feel Harris won the debate. But for some reason, he thought he needed to take it one step further in his criticism of Harris.

One of the constant criticisms of President Trump and his supporters is that they are a tad bit sexist. Well, Hill’s insightful Wednesday evening’s commentary on Harris likely isn’t going to do much to squelch that the idea that Trump supporters are misogynistic.

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