Buttigieg questions why evangelical VP Pence would team up with Trump

On Wednesday evening, Vice President Mike Pence and the Democrat seeking to take his job, Kamala Harris, got together for their one and only debate in Salt Lake City.

If you’re voting for President Trump, Pence was the clear winner. But if Democrat and former Vice President Joe Biden is getting your support on Election Day, the California senator walked off the stage the victor.

However, much like every other major political event, there’s a ton of analysis and talking with experts trying to predict anything and everything.

Prior to the debate, Fox News had former South Bend and presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg on to discuss the debate, the vice presidential candidates and President Donald Trump.

Fox News mentions the record of Harris and how she will attempt to reconcile it with that of Joe Biden and how she can justify joining his ticket when they’ve had obvious policy disagreements.

Buttigieg retorts by questioning why someone like Pence would even allow themselves to be in the administration and on a debate stage defending someone with the morality or lack thereof as Trump.

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