Taylor Swift announces support for Joe Biden

Absolutely anything that Taylor Swift releases immediately shoots to the top of the charts. Whether you like or music or not, it’s hard to argue with the tremendous amount of success she’s experienced. People would kill to have a career even mildly resembling hers.

Personally, not being a fan of her music, I’ll admit most of her music is catchy and eventually gets stuck in your head. It’s either that or due to the fact that the radio has her music on a constant loop.

Needless to say, Swift likely has a fair amount of influence. Our society is unfortunately obsessed with celebrities – what they do, say and/or think. I mean the United States of America elected a reality TV host as president for God’s sakes.

So will Taylor Swift’s announcing her endorsement of Joe Biden for president influence others? Who knows but let’s remember the people who are likely to say “who cares what some stupid singer thinks about politics?” are probably going to vote for a celebrity and reality TV host in November.

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