McSally asked about her support for President Trump, dodges question

The Arizona Senate race between Republican Martha McSally and Democrat Mark Kelly is one of the most closely-watched races in the country.

It appears, at least right now, that the Arizona seat is one Democrats will pick up on Nov. 3. Most polls seem to be leaning in Kelly’s direction, with some even showing the Democrat up by as much as eight and 9%.

Arizona is also a battleground state in the presidential election. Both President Trump and Vice President Pence have made a number of trips out to the Grand Canyon State in the last few months.

On Tuesday night, the McSally and Kelly squared off in a debate and there’s one moment that is getting a lot of attention.

McSally is asked if she is proud of her support for President Trump and instead of answering the question, she provides an awkward and weird answer, twice.

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