Trump’s doctor tries to explain evasiveness, muddled White House messages

The Trump administration hates, hates FAKE NEWS! Trump and his followers call it out whenever they perceive any kind of slight in coverage. They have told us over and over again that want they want is nothing more than the whole truth and nothing more than that.

But it appears, when it comes to President Trump’s battle with the coronavirus, the administration believes that standard doesn’t apply to them.

For example, on Friday President Trump was airlifted to Walter Reed for treatment of COVID-19. Then on Saturday morning, doctors came out and briefed the media on Trump’s condition….kind of.

Dr. Conley, the president’s physician, was asked several times about Trump being given oxygen. Was Trump, at anytime, given oxygen? Was supplemental oxygen provided to the President of the United States? Well, knowing how this administration operates, getting a straightforward answer on anything is always difficult and now it appears to have even reached doctors.

In the clip above, Conley sounds more like a politician than a physician. Immediately following Saturday’s briefing, a report came out from someone, who has now been revealed to be White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, that essentially contradicted the doctors.

That report said Trump’s condition over the previous 24-hours was serious and that the next 48-hours would be critical in the president’s care.

Then on Sunday, Conley and his team came out and briefed the media and tried to explain his reasoning for being evasive and not answering questions.

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