Trump furious at Chief of Staff Meadows for contradicting doctors

So, if you haven’t talked to anyone, been on social media or been around a TV since Friday, President Donald Trump is in the hospital. Trump is battling the coronavirus, becoming one of the more than 7 million Americans with the disease.

On Saturday, Dr. Sean Conley, Trump’s physician, came out and briefed the media about President Trump’s condition. And frankly, it provided us with more questions than it answered.

Immediately following Conley’s odd briefing, a report came out that said Trump’s condition was much more dire than the doctor had indicated. The report stated Trump’s condition was very concerning over the previous 24-hours and that the next 48-hours would be critical as there was no clear picture for full recovery yet.

But we’ve now learned that Trump is a tad bit angry with his chief of staff for that report. Given Trump’s reported level of anger with Meadows and the track record of this White House on personnel moves, we can probably expect Meadows to be fired in the next 3-5 days.

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