Chris Wallace asks Trump surrogate about First Family not wearing masks at debate, tries to play victim

People absolutely hate hypocrites, liars and cheaters. Knowing all of this explains why people have a strong dislike for politicians.

On Tuesday, President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden participated in what is being described as a debate but was essentially a colossal mess of name calling and two old men yelling over one another.

In the debate hall, everyone was required to wear a mask except for the moderator and those on the debate stage. Also, the candidates were supposed to be tested prior to beginning of the debate. However, we’ve now learned that Trump and his family refused to listen. Instead, they flouted the rules, believing that they were above them and that they didn’t apply to them.

Now, since the President of the United States is in the hospital for the virus, the Trump campaign is attempting damage control. They are trying to portray themselves as taking the virus seriously and adhering to health recommendations and guidance when that wasn’t the case at all.

One of those Trump campaign surrogates appeared on Fox News but when called out for their stupidity, he attempted to play the victim.

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