CULT: Liberty Hangout selling ‘Trump is my King’ shirts

Every President of the United States ends up being a polarizing figure, normally. People generally appreciate what that person says or does or they tend to dislike them and their policies. That’s kind of the nature of the job. It’s politics, baby.

But with President Trump, those who like the guy really, really like him. It’s gotten so bad and frankly, weird, that his base is almost cult-like with their support. They fly Trump 2020 flags, wear entire outfits covered in “MAGA” or with their leader’s face, attend his rallies with no regard for their or anyone else’s safety and do, say and believe anything Trump says simply because it came out of his mouth.

Well, if all of that doesn’t convince you that we’re dealing with a cult then an item being sold by the far right and Trump-loving website Liberty Hangout should do the trick.

They are actually selling a “Trump is my King” t-shirt.

Besides the fact that we fought a war to break away from the monarchy, this is just absolute pure insanity and idolatry on a whole other, scary level.

Who knows what these kind of people will do next? I guess we’ll just have to “stand back and stand by” to find out.

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