Chris Cuomo gets defensive when Ted Cruz brings up New York’s COVID response

COVID-19 is still spreading, still infecting and people are dying from the virus. Some states have handled the pandemic OK while others haven’t been real successful at all.

One of those states that had trouble finding its way through the pandemic has been the state of New York. Likely the most controversial of the Empire state’s response had to do with Gov. Andrew Cuomo sending those with COVID-19 into nursing homes which resulted in thousands of deaths.

It’s still unclear how many people have died as a result of the misguided and ultimately deadly policy.

Recently, Texas Sen. Ted Cruz made an appearance on CNN and got into a bit of a sparring match with Chris Cuomo’s the governor of New York’s brother.

Chris Cuomo got defensive rather quickly when Cruz brought up that situation as he brought up failures of other states instead of answering questions Cruz raised about New York.

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