Trump on ‘Fox & Friends’ claims Biden wants to ‘take away your God’

President Donald Trump is like a wild animal backed into a corner. He’s swinging wildly, trying desperate to get out of his current predicament. In the last few days, Trump has attacked the nation’s leading […]

Rapper 50 Cent endorses President Trump

On Monday, President Donald Trump got the highly-coveted 50 Cent endorsement. The former G-Unit member went to social media and posted his endorsement of Trump, saying that after seeing Biden’s tax plan. Curtis “50 Cent” […]

’43 Alumni for Biden’ release new ad in support of Democrat Joe Biden

Election Day is nearly upon us. Just two more weeks of being bombarded with negative ad after negative ad and only 14 more days of ugly, stupid campaign signs littering yards. It’s almost over. We’re […]