First Presidential Debate Recap: What a Mess

There were no winners in last night’s presidential debate. Instead, America got 90 minutes of three men yelling over each other, including moderator Chris Wallace, who lost control of the format very early on.

Former Vice President Joe Biden threw some zingers at President Trump, calling him a “clown”, a “fool” and at one point, told him to “shut up, man.”

When it came to answering questions on policy, Biden couldn’t seem to do it. Refusing to answer Wallace about packing the Supreme Court, instead turning it around to encourage people to vote.

He’s also sure to turn off progressives with his answer on the Green New Deal.

Biden also told Trump he’s the “worst President America has ever had.”

President Trump, on the other hand, is facing his own set of criticisms for tripping up on a question about white supremacy and whether or not he condemns groups like Proud Boys.

Trump also seemed frustrated with the job Chris Wallace was doing, saying he was debating both of them and later tweeting an image suggesting it was Trump against Biden and Wallace.

Check out some fact checking of the debate here.

The vice presidential candidates square off one week from today on Wednesday, October 7 at 9 p.m.

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