Fake News! Trump claims sheriff of Portland endorsed him; He doesn’t support the president

If there’s one thing President Donald Trump hates it’s absolutely Fake News….and letting other people talk…..and actually answering a direct question…oh yeah, and just being a decent human being.

But mainly, it’s FAKE NEWS! Trump and his followers say 15,000 times a day how much they despise fake news (AKA anything that challenges Trump or their worldview).

Knowing how much Trump hates Fake News, he could never be the purveyor of such a horrible thing, right?

Well, maybe.

During Tuesday’s monumental disaster that was the first presidential debate, Trump said that he had the support and backing of the Portland sheriff.

Turns out, though, that President Trump was wrong. Imagine that, right?

First of all, Portland being a city doesn’t have a sheriff, counties only have sheriffs. And then there’s Trump’s claim that the sheriff of Portland came out and endorsed him.

The sheriff of Multnomah County says he doesn’t and will never support Trump. In fact, he says that Trump has actually made his job harder.

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