Former GOP congressional candidate: ‘The Masked Singer’ was way to condition Americans to accept, wear face masks

Thanks to social media, it seems to have brought about a new, even higher level of stupidity.

Yes, people have always been idiots but it seems that sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have forced people to up their stupidity game. And I’ve got to say, there have been a number of people who have truly risen to the occassion.

Have you ever read something that causes you to stop and read it again simply to make sure it actually says what it appears to be saying? Of course you have, it happens every day. From the huge amount of people who believe anything and everything is a conspiracy theory, the stupidity of Americans runs deep and long in this country.

Also, let’s get another thing clear: neither side has a monopoly on stupid. Those on the right and the left have the ability to spout off or type out something completely and totally idiotic.

However, one statement from a former Republican congressional candidate is on a whole other level of totally stupid, ignorant and just bewildering moronic.

It’s one thing to even have such a thought creep into your brain but to feel it’s worthy of putting it out into the world for others to read is another entirely. Who in the world but an obviously mental midget does such a thing? You’ve got to know that you’re going to get mocked endlessly for such a statement and rightfully so.

Sometimes it’s best to stop, put the phone down and slowly step away from Twitter and Facebook before you single handedly lower the collective IQ of an entire people.

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