Trump asked about transfer of power after the election, gives awful answer

President Donald Trump doesn’t lose. He’s a winner. And if he doesn’t win, he either claims fraud, that he was cheated or threatens to sue and/or take that person or organization to court.

That has been Trump’s method of getting his way his entire business life. So, knowing this man’s not-so-great track record of using the court system as his way to beat his opponents into submission, what are we to think will happen if the election in November don’t turn out the way he wants?

Trump was asked about committing to a peaceful transfer of power. Win, lose or draw, would Trump commit to a peaceful transfer of power? And guess what the Trump followers favorite person said?

He said that if “we get rid of the ballots” there won’t be a transition, it’ll be a “continuation of power.”

Does anyone with half a brain actually believe that if Trump isn’t declared the winner that he won’t take it to court until he gets his way?

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