Don Lemon: We’re going to have to blow up the entire system

Everyone hates the guy who wants to change the rules midway through the game because they’re losing. In my opinion, those kind of people are just a step above politicians and people who refuse to put their carts in the cart return at the supermarket, in terms of the worst people on earth.

Well, it appears that Don Lemon is at least one of those kinds of people.

Lemon isn’t happy with President Trump and the Republicans This time it’s because it appears the GOP will attempt to fill the Supreme Court vacancy prior to the election.

On Monday evening, while chatting with Chris Cuomo, Lemon mentioned how much he dislikes the fact that the very same Republicans aren’t staying consistent with what they said in 2016. That’s a fair criticism.

However, Lemon takes things a step further. He wants to completely change the system, mentions doing away with the Electoral College and packing the court if Joe Biden wins.

If you don’t like the outcome of the game just change the rules?

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