Woman’s unhinged rant: F**king’ hate pro-life people, ‘I wish I was f**king aborted’

People are incredibly stupid. I know that’s pretty blunt and straight forward but it’s entirely true even though it’s rather harsh.

Thanks to social media, there’s more than enough of these examples of complete idiocy. Sadly, Facebook is a great place to start searching. But what’s even sadder is that we actually know most of those people on Facebook.

However, when it comes to social media and stupidity, we’ll eventually reach the chicken and an egg conundrum. Has social media and its prevalence in our society made people stupid or were people always morons and social media is just bringing this to light? It’s something we may never find out.

Regardless, liberals love themselves some abortion. They have shown time and time again that abortion is not to be messed with and any kind of restrictions on the murderous procedure will result in liberals whining, screaming and crying.

For instance, a woman who truly hates those opposed to abortion posted an unhinged and emotional rant. She is so committed to the practice of aborting babies that that the woman states she wishes she was actually aborted.

How stupid can we get? Sadly, though, I believe we’re only going to get worse.

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