Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler’s campaign releases just horrible ad

Generally, Georgia is a conservative, Republican state. Both of their U.S. senators are Republicans, they have a Republican governor, went for Trump is 2016 and more than likely, it’s go that way in 2020.

Loeffler is up for re-election this November and is likely to win, there haven’t been any signs indicating otherwise. But apparently, Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler believes the state is truly, to its core, a conservative state.

For some unknown reason, Loeffler’s campaign actually put out an ad saying that she’s more conservative than….Attila the Hun. Yes, that Attlia the Hun.

It’s bad. Really, really bad.

The fact that someone, likely multiple people, on her campaign saw this and gave the OK to put it out for other people to view. I get they are trying to be funny or whatever but it’s not and is instead just downright embarrassing.

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