Trump continues to sow doubt on election outcome; says ‘result may never be accurately determined’

President Trump doesn’t like mail-in voting, except when he or the many people in his administration cast their ballot that way.

Trump has tweeted constantly about the “dangers” and “widespread fraud” of mail-in voting and has threatened on several occasions to sue states attempting to expand mail-in voting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Well, now the President of United States believes that we may never, ever know the outcome of the presidential election in November. (Thank God he doesn’t like creating panics, right?)

While Trump and his cult followers will continue to drone on and on about their fears of people mailing in their vote, I’m sure that if come Nov. 3 and Trump is declared the winner, all of those fears will, much like Trump University, Trump Airlines and the Trump Taj Mahal, disappear and cease to exist.

Trump’s unfounded claims are nothing more than him setting himself up with an excuse if he were to lose. If he loses, he and his crazed supporters will claim Trump was cheated or some other injustice happened, preventing their idol from occupying the Oval Office. It comes from a place of fear and weakness with Trump believing that his campaign is running behind Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

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