‘The Daily Wire’ moving headquarters from Los Angeles to Nashville

Conservative media company “The Daily Wire” is leaving California behind.

Founder Ben Shapiro tweeted the news yesterday that the company is headed to Nashville, Tennessee and it sounds like most of the employees are moving as well, including popular bloggers Matt Walsh and Michael Knowles.

“I’ve lived my entire life in California. Within weeks, we’ll be taking our 75 jobs and leaving. We’re not the first. And we certainly won’t be the last. Terrible governance has consequences,” Shapiro tweeted.

One of the other founders, Jeremy Boreing, said the move was being made “due to a declining quality of life in the city, including high housing costs and homelessness.

Walsh and his wife seem excited to be back in flyover country, saying they’d lived in Kentucky for a while and loved it.

“Where should I live in Nashville?” Knowles tweeted.

Tennesse’s governor tweeted a welcome to the company, which employs a staff of seventy-five and Sen. Marsha Blackburn said they’d love living in a state with no income tax.

Shapiro shared more on his YouTube.

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