Abortionist who claimed ‘God performs more abortions than me’ loses license over fraud

 Leah Torres, an OB/GYN and medical director of the West Alabama Women’s Center, has lost her medical license. According to a AL.com, Torres made fraudulent claims on her employment application, lying about past employment history.

The letter of notice from the Board of Medical Examiners says that Torres, in her application, gave false answers to several questions including whether her staff privileges had ever been revoked or suspended at any hospital or health care facility.

It also says that Torres has made “public statements related to the practice of medicine which violate the high standards of honesty, diligence, prudence, and ethical integrity demanded from physicians licensed to practice in Alabama.”

Torres often tweets some pretty cold and gruesome things on Twitter.

She once said a fetus can’t scream because she cuts the cord first so there’s “no opportunity.”

And then there was the statement about God performing more abortions than she does.

Torres has not commented on her medical license suspension, but remains active on the social media site.

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