Paul Rudd appears in New York face mask PSA

We’re still fighting the coronavirus as it continues to spread throughout the country.

The United States has more than 6.5 million cases of COVID-19 with nearly 200,000 people dead as a result of the virus. Those numbers are tops in the world….we’re No.1?

Nevertheless, while the coronavirus continues to spread, there are still people refusing to do something as simple as wearing a face mask. This comes even after it came out that President Trump admitted the coronavirus was “five times more deadly than the regular flu.”

State government are taking some rather dramatic steps in order to try and persuade people to wear face masks. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo enlisted the help of actor Paul Rudd.

Rudd, known for such films as Ant-Man, This is 40 and The 40-year-Old Virgin, plays a “certified young person” in the ad. He over exaggerates the need to wear masks as he emphasizes and employs young person lingo.

It’s not his best work and honestly, it’s rather hard to watch but I guess that’s the joke.

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