Biden campaign press secretary refuses to answer question on teleprompter

We’re now on the other side of Labor Day with less than 60 days until the November election. Things are going to start coming out about fast and furious from both sides. The Trump campaign will accuse the Biden campaign of doing this and likewise the Biden campaign will call out the Trump campaign for that. And it will go on and on like that until the polls close on November 3.

One of the things that has come out recently is that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is accused of using a teleprompter to give campaign speeches. Biden’s also getting guff for noting taking enough questions from reporters.

On Thursday, Biden’s campaign press secretary appeared on Fox News and was asked a simple, straightforward question: Does Biden use a teleprompter. However, instead of just answering the question, the guy got all indignant and huffy, basically making a fool of himself.

Not a good look, dude.

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