Trevor Noah: Gender reveal parties should happen when child is old enough to make that choice

Thanks to social media, people do a lot of dumb things. Don’t get me wrong, people have always participated in a lot of stupid activities but that rate at which they happen has increased dramatically.

Why? Because everyone has to post every second of their lives on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and thanks to the “monkey see, monkey do” effect, stupids trends have really taken off. One of those trends that has really taken off in the last couple years, thanks to social media, are gender reveal parties.

You know what they are, even if you don’t know what they are because it says it in the name. An expectant couple gathers their closest family members and friends as they dramatically pop a balloon or something other activity that ends in either a pink or blue mist, indicating either a boy or a girl. And of course, the big moment is always filmed and posted to Facebook for all “to enjoy.”

But as dumb as the whole idea of gender reveal parties are, Daily Show host Trevor Noah managed to add a whole new level of stupid to gender reveal parties.

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