Former Trump lawyer, fixer Michael Cohen: Trump is a cult leader

We’re about eight weeks out until the 2020 election. Things are about to get dirty, even more so than they already are, if you can believe that.

Candidates will accuse one another of lying, deceiving, misleading and being dangers to the existence of the country. The airwaves are about to become flooded with negatives ads as candidates look to firm up the final impressions of their opponents. There will be mudslinging, name-calling and dare I say, FAKE NEWS??

Well, in the run up to the presidential election, several more books are set to come out detailing President Trump and his administration. One of those people publishing a book on our current White House occupant is former Trump lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen. Cohen, who was sent to prison for lying to Congress about his dealings during the Trump 2016 campaign, is out talking about his set to be released work.

In an interview with NBC, Cohen refers to Trump a cult leader and that while he was a member of the cult he refused to acknowledge that was he was doing was morally reprehensible and illegal.

I think anyone with even a smattering of objectivity can say that Cohen has a massive credibility issue. He went to prison for what he did on behalf of Trump and has a huge axe to grind. However, Cohen is 100% right that Trump’s base, following, whatever you want to call it, is absolutely a cult.

In the eyes of the members of his cult, Trump can do no wrong. They chant and yell “MAGA” and “Lock her up” as they’ree all decked out in Trump and MAGA gear from head to toe. And forget about even questioning them on something Trump said or did because then you’re a libtard, fake news or someone who just wants to destroy America.

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