Member of Trump campaign mocks Biden for visiting son’s grave

Politics can be a mean, cold and cruel business. It often brings out the worst in people.

Running and winning a campaign is all about hitting your opponent for a perceived weakness and then exploiting and shining a light on that weakness or hypocrisy, whatever the case may be. That’s kind of the nature of the business.

However, there are still things that should be out of bounds, even in today’s age of social media age where retweets, follows and click s are the only intended purpose. One of those things that should or at least any decent person would be out of bounds would be mocking a presidential candidate while visiting the grave of his dead son. But that’s exactly what a member of the Trump campaign did over the weekend.

After church Sunday, Biden was on his way to his son’s grave but Francis Brennan described Biden as “meandering.” Needless to say, Brennan got dragged for his tweet.

As bad as what Brennan’s tweet is, I guess at least he didn’t call Biden’s dead son a “sucker” or a “loser.”

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