Bette Midler tells Biden to kick Trump ‘in the nuts’

Bette Midler isn’t a fan of President Donald Trump. She’s made this abundantly clear with her many, many postings and other anti-Trump statements. So, knowing how much the actress and singer dislikes Trump, it only […]

Mark Levin calls The Rock a ‘a self-righteous egomaniac’ after Biden edorsement

Actor/wrestler Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is typically an independent and has mulled over a presidential run in the past. And normally, he doesn’t get involved in politics. This year, Johnson decided to endorse Joe Biden […]

Stelter says Chris Wallace is ‘tainted’ because he works for Fox News

All news outlets have a point of view and are biased, in some way or form. Why? Well, news organizations are run by people and everyone has their own bias, opinions and thoughts and feelings […]