USA Today contributor mocks Kayleigh McEnany’s mastectomy in now deleted tweet

This is absolutely unacceptable. Is it just me or has the left been even worse to the Republican women speaking at the RNC this year?

In a now deleted tweet, USA Today contributor and an advisor to the Lincoln Project openly mocked White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany’s preventive masectomy.

McEnany shared her story during her speech last night, saying she underwent a double mastectomy in 2018 as preventative measure since she carried the BRCAII genetic mutation that causes breast cancer.

“I was scared. The night before I fought back tears, as I prepared to lose a piece of myself,” she said. “But the next day, with my mom, dad, husband, and Jesus Christ by my side, I underwent a mastectomy, almost eliminating my chance of breast cancer — a decision I now celebrate.”

Windsor Mann took it upon himself to mock her story, tweeting “Vote for Trump because Kayleigh McEnany had a mastectomy with Jesus Christ?”

He has since deleted the tweet, but everything lives forever on the internet.

McEnany’s story was to shed light on some of President Trump’s policies that affect women.

“Though I didn’t personally know the president at the time, I know him well now and I can tell you that this president loves the American people, stands by Americans with preexisting conditions and supports working moms,” she said.

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