Nancy Pelosi: There shouldn’t be any debates between Biden, Trump

Election day is inching closer and closer. Before we know it, voters will cast their ballots, either in-person at the polls on election day or by taking advantage of early voting or by mailing it in (Sorry, President Trump!).

Now, even though campaigns blast out constant emails, plaster your TV and computer screen with ads, one of the biggest ways voters obtain information about candidates is through debates. How much a debate performance can really help a candidate is unknown but a terrible showing can most certainly sink a campaign.

Regardless, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi would rather Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden not debate President Trump, at all. The reasoning for her statement is that Trump doesn’t live in facts, figures or really, anything in reality and conducting a debate with him would only give credence to Trump and his thinking.

Let’s be honest, any debate in which Trump is involved is likely to turn into a name-calling fest. Any possible discussion of issues and topics will become secondary to the incessant calls and claims of “Fake News” and both trying to talk over one another.

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