Don Lemon: ‘Rioting has to stop,’ says it’s hurting Dem poll numbers

We have the right to protest. As Americans that’s one of the many rights afforded to us, voicing our grievances loud enough so that those in power are forced to sit up and pay attention.

However, our country’s founding documents don’t say anything about the right to riot, loot, steal and damage property. In fact, we’ve got laws against those very things. Nevertheless, many of the nationwide protests over police brutality have descended into riots, where businesses are burned down and destroyed.

The rioters are only hurting themselves and their message when they are in such a lawless manner. Instead of winning people over to their side, they are turning people off and are refusing to hear their original message due to their completely lawless behavior.

CNN’s Don Lemon essentially said the same thing but said that the rioting has to stop but has nothing to do with the fact that it’s illegal and entirely destructive. Instead, Lemon is more concerned with the political fallout of the rioting, saying that the rioting is beginning to hurt Democrats, where it counts: the poll numbers.

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