Billy Graham’s granddaughter: Evangelical leaders supporting Trump failing the Gospel

During this week, Republicans will sing the praises of their leader President Donald Trump. They’ll say how great, wonderful and truly magnificent he is as they make the case he should be re-elected in November.

While the list of convention speakers is simply a list of Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham guests, one person who will not be making an appearance at this week’s RNC convention will be Jerusah Dunford. Dunford is the granddaughter of the late legendary evangelical leader and preacher Billy Graham.

On Tuesday, Dunford wrote an Op-Ed for USA Today in which called out evangelical leaders for continuing to support and stand behind President Donald Trump. She says those who call themselves leaders in the evangelical movement who continue to support Trump are only hurting the Gospel with their actions.

In her piece, Dunford mentions that she did vote for Trump in 2016 but that given Trump’s actions and words since taking office, she won’t in 2020.

Also, Dunford makes mention of a number of verses in The Bible and contrasts them with Trump’s words and actions. Constantly throughout the Op-Ed, Dunford talks about The Bible’s words on humility and kindness, two things she believes Trump doesn’t possess much of.

To read her entire piece, click here.

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